Norma's House

On March 11, 2021, two representatives from Norma’s House came to visit with our students about various safety issues.  Barbara Stevenson and Emily Cook talked with each group concerning issues that are pertinent to their needs.

Fourth through six graders heard about cell phone and internet safety.  The discussion included safety rules, appropriate use of a cell phone, inappropriate use of a cell phone, and to whom to turn with questions.  Social media and how it should and should not be used was covered extensively.  The students asked very relevant questions and Miss Stevenson and Mrs. Cook answered each, always referring students to their parents and trusted adults for follow up.


Second and third graders learned about safety rules.  The presenters told a story about a child lost in the store and presented ideas for how to handle that situation. They discussed what to do if approached by strangers and who to talk to when they need help.  They defined safe and unsafe touches and spent time defining the term trusted adults. 


Pre-kinder, Kindergarten, and first graders watched a video about safe and unsafe touches with Paw Patrol as the main characters.  They discussed strangers and who to talk to when they need help.


Many thanks to Miss Stevenson and Miss Cook and Norma’s House for caring about our children and their safety.